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Transit agencies face fiscal cliff; MTC contemplates 2024 funding measure

On Monday, December 13 at 2pm, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission is convening a “listening session” to start to consider the potential for a regional funding measure for public transportation in 2024.

According to MTC analysis, transit services face a fiscal cliff in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2024, when Federal relief funding that has kept transit moving during the pandemic will run out, and funding will likely be needed to avoid service cuts.

The region will also be contemplating funding for affordable housing.  And various counties and transit agencies may be contemplating local transit funding measures. SFMTA in particular is planning measures in 2022, to address structural deficits that preceded the pandemic.

In August 2021, polling showed voters placed high priority on homelessness and housing, and lower priority on transportation.  But 2024 is a long time away, and voters taking the poll weren’t considering the prospect of service cuts.

Surveys businesses suggest that most expect that workers who can work remotely will continue to have flexible hours and to commute relatively fewer days than before the pandemic. 

To participate and comment at the “listening session”, the information and materials are here.

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