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Transbay Coalition Posts

Regional funding authorizing bill passes Senate with South Bay opposition; more work needed in Assembly

Last Friday May 24, SB1031, the Connect Bay Area Act, passed the Senate Floor and heads to the Assembly with more work to do and…

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Regional measure bill: SamTrans and Caltrain acknowledge progress, maintain position; VTA board increases opposition; negotiations continue

In board meetings on Wednesday and Thursday this past week, the SamTrans and Caltrain boards acknowledged progress in amendments and negotiations on SB1031, the authorizing…

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Bill proposes CEQA exemption for rail electrification; spare other projects from delays that affected Caltrain

A bill in the legislature this year, AB2503 (Lee), proposes to exempt rail electrification projects from the sort of delay that impacted Caltrain electrification.  Back…

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MTC Legislation Committee proposes changes to Connect Bay Area regional funding legislation

On, Friday April 12, the Metropolitan Transportation Legislation Committee approved a set of proposed amendments to SB1031.  The amendments refine the funding formula to ensure…

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MTC discusses regional funding measure policies; support for fare/schedule coordination, pushback on consolidations

At the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in December, at the Legislation Committee on December 8 and the full Commission on December 20, Commissioners discussed proposed policies…

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