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State budget negotiations on saving transit continue – how you can help

The news on saving California transit last week includes a small amount of progress but not enough to prevent major cuts.

Earlier in May, the governor’s updated budget proposal had offered nothing to help save transit. Last week, the Senate Budget Subcommittee on Transportation (proposal) and the Assembly Budget Committee (transit recommendations page 78) approved their budget proposals for transportation. These proposals from the legislature offered more than nothing, but still not nearly enough.

Last week, both houses of the legislature rejected the governor’s proposed $2 billion cut to the Transit Intercity Rail and Capital Program (TIRCP) and would allow that restored capital funding to be used flexibly to fund transit operations. Unfortunately, these proposals would force transit agencies to choose between preventing service cuts and important capital priorities and would abandon over $6B+ in federal matching funds. Neither the Senate or Assembly’s proposals provide nearly enough funding to meet the need to prevent transit cuts and regrow ridership.

Negotiations continue – focus on the top 5+1

After the budget votes, negotiations are shifting to the top 5 leaders in the state – the legislative leadership (Senate Pro Tem Toni Atkins and Assembly Speaker Rendon, plus incoming speaker Rivas) – the legislative budget leaders (Budget Chair Ting in the Assembly, Budget Chair Skinner in the Senate), and Governor Newsom.

Here’s what you can do NOW to save transit in California

Call and write

Click here to call the state’s top leaders urging them to save transit now.

If you can’t call (or after you call) click here to send a letter to California’s top leaders demanding that they save transit by the June 15 budget deadline.

Raise your voice – March and rally in San Francisco and Oakland

Join fellow transit supporters this weekend in the streets to amplify the call to save transit.

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