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Transbay Bus Bill Passes Senate Committee!

Thanks to your help, the Bay Bridge Bus Bill AB 455 (Wicks, Wiener), sailed through the Senate Transportation Committee and it is now on to the Senate Appropriations Committee. We are now one step closer to faster, more reliable, equitable, and greener travel across the Bay Bridge Corridor keeping the Bay Area’s people and economy moving quickly.

But the Senate Appropriations Committee is infamous for being the graveyard of a lot of proposed laws so we need to keep pushing to make sure AB 455 gets through.

Call the Senate Appropriations Committee Chair, Senator Portantino, today at (916) 651-4025 and ask that he vote YES on AB 455 and help make transbay travel greener, more reliable, faster, and healthier!

Once you make the calls, email us back with a quick note saying how it went!

And of course, please reach out to Assemblymember Wicks (916-319-2015) and Senator Wiener (916-651-4011) to thank them for continuing to push for this transformative bill!

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