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Where should San Jose add bus lanes downtown?

Bus lanes, transit signal priority, better bus shelters, and better signage are among the transit improvements that the City of San Jose is considering for downtown.  Which streets and transit routes should get these improvements?  Share your thoughts in the city’s survey by February 27.

The City of San Jose is working on a plan for downtown transportation, covering walking, bikes and scooters and transit, as well as driving and delivery.   This website includes surveys asking about potential improvements for all the modes of travel.  The transit survey is here. San Jose City Council has prioritized a Transit First Policy – getting moving on streets is what will make the policy a reality for transit users. 

 And this page has links with surveys about other modes of travel.  Please share your thoughts about how to improve getting around San Jose without driving.

Also, what do you think about some larger and longer-term ideas.  Should light rail get put into a tunnel to speed it up? Or should the light rail get moved onto first street?  And what about the highways that cut through downtown?  Should Highway 87 be a boulevard? Should 280 be decked over? Here is a video describing these bigger, more expensive, longer term ideas. 

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