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Golden Gate Transit considers bus lane through Novato Narrows

Thursday August 16 at a meeting starting at 9am, the Golden Gate Bridge transportation committee (where the important transit decisions are made) will be discussing a feasibility study for part-time transit lanes on 101, between the San Rafael transit center and San Marin Drive in Novato.  Bus lanes are important to make transit faster and more reliable. The meeting starts at 9am and the bus lane discussion will start not long after 9.

The project would enable buses to travel on the shoulder through the Novato Narrows, an 11-mile segment which is the most congested and narrowest part of 101 in Marin. It sounds like the bus lane would be southbound only during the AM peak only (that’s the only time and direction with major delays).  Buses on the shoulder would likely travel no more than 15 mph faster than traffic and max 35 mph. At 35mph, the bus lane would save 8-10 minutes or more from a 25-30+ minute trip.

Some shoulder widening and repaving would be needed, as well as a state law change (currently only SamTrans and Monterey Transit are allowed to do bus-on-shoulder programs)

The agenda is here:

The staff presentation is here:

The dial-in number to give public comment is (415) 569-6446

Or, you can send a note in support of the bus lanes to
Refer to Agenda Item 4.

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